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Planning needs to be done before a sod delivery. Before the sod arrives you need to allot time to remove old turf, grade the area, and ensure there is a layer of soil. Once the sod arrives, you need to install it as quickly as possible. Complete all of your prep work so you can install the sod immediately. Sod can begin to suffer after 12 hours so plan your delivery accordingly. If you cannot avoid having your sod sit around for a few hours, check out our blog on overheating for tips on how to help your unlaid sod in the heat. Planning ahead will ensure none of your sod overheats.

Sod Install Planning Makes Perfect

Each skid of sod comes with 70 rolls (700 square feet) of sod. It takes just under 2 hours for one person to install around 700 square feet of sod. This doesn’t include watering as you go, or cutting the pieces to fit curved edges. Planning ahead to ensure you have enough time to install your sod before it starts to overheat is crucial. Sod cannot sit around in the heat for more than a couple of hours before it starts to overheat. Hire some extra help if you have a large quantity of sod. Consider getting your sod in multiple deliveries if you have a large quantity. This way you don’t have to worry about damaging your sod if you are running behind. You also can spread out the work over a couple of days.

Plan, Plan, Plan!

Planning ahead leads to a smooth installation process. Ensure that you have adequate help to install the sod if needed upon delivery. Getting multiple deliveries ensures the sod isn’t sitting out for prolonged periods in the heat. Our sod gets cut close to delivery in order to minimize heat damage. Choosing to purchase sod is a great way to achieve an instant lawn, but can be quite costly if done incorrectly. Save yourself time and money by planning accordingly to ensure a smooth sod installation!

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